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Strategic Transports Alliance


Strategic Transports Alliance is a close-knit community of virtual trucking enthusiasts we pride ourselves on a blend of realism and camaraderie creating a fun and immersive trucking experience.

Our primary goal is to provide a supportive environment for trucking enthusiast to simulate real-world logistics, share experiences, and enjoy the journey together. We aim to host regular events that cater to different play-styles and preferences.

At Strategic Transports Alliance we value professionalism, incivility, and a passion for virtual trucking. Our community thrives on respect, teamwork, and the shared love for the open road.

Joining us is straight forward we welcome truckers of all experience levels who share our values our diverse membership ensures a rich tapestry of backgrounds, making every journey unique.

RCS Trucking

We are a UK Based VTC!

We are a community of passionate trucking enthusiasts who love to hit the road! Our goal is to oreate a olose-knit family where mutual support and inclusivity thrive at RCS Trucking.
Our company was founded by two friends with the ambition to establish a virtual trucking company that offers the freedom for individuals to drive at their convenience, without the pressure of minimum driving hours.
At RCS Trucking, you are not just a number; you are part of our trucking family.

Are you interested in joining our community? Look no further then our discord server linked below!

RCS Management Team

Unity Convoys


Unity Convoys was Founded On the 4TH march 2024‚Äč by lcplgibling5, Just Tanging Along, in creation to host charity events for all The Community's to come together to help a great Cause we are happy to help and support all Charity's within the fundraising we are doing within the VTC life. We are a welcoming and supportive community that has a positive outlook which means our helpful friendly staff team are here to help our members complete their career.
members in order to provide a fun and welcoming environment meaning our members feel apart of a well run team. Whether you are interested in joining our Team or not All members are Welcome